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Byker Groove Disco Party Returns The Rare Groove To Newcastle x2

Byker Groove Disco Party Returns to Newcastle after Lockdown

Rare Groove night - Byker Groove Disco Party returns after three years to dominate the Disco night genre here in Newcastle upon Tyne. Giovanni Spatuzzi ( organiser) once again asked the help of peep to promote their unique event. The event was again held at Newcastle's Star and Shadow Cinema and proved to be another complete sell-out. peep decided to make an early start with the post - promotion and documented a 'pre byker groove' , which basically involved recording the parts nobody gets a chance to see..

Check out the pre-disco night with peep

peep walk around The Star and Shadow cinema with Byker groove disco party Newcastle

And if your really interested . . .

We also interview the the very talented Jelly Jels DJ at Byker Groove

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