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Byker Groove Rare Groove Disco Club Night Newcastle x1

Rare Groove Byker Groove Disco Party held at The Star and Shadow Cinema Newcastle

Byker Groove Disco Party is a unique event held at Newcastle's Star and Shadow Cinema, showcasing the very best in rare groove, Disco and Psych music. Byker Groove organiser - Giovanni Spatuzzi contacted peep in hope of promoting Byker Groove in the way of interviews with the resident DJ's including Mr Sayers, Jelly Jels, Garry Forster, Alex Johnson, Adamvincent Bhatti and of course Giovanni Spatuzzi. Giovanni needed event photography profiling this unique event as it happened.

Our journey began with meeting the Dj's down at Newcastle's most established record store RPM Music. This was our opportunity to meet the Dj's and ask about the history of Byker Groove and what motivated them to create their own Disco night within Newcastle upon Tyne.

The original Byker Groove was a resident night of music at The Tanners pub situated in Newcastle, it was at this point The Star and Shadow Cinema approached them to have the residency at their establishment, which is situated at the bottom of Warwick Street, Heaton / Sheild Field.

'Mr Sayers' explains that himself and friend invented the name - Byker Groove , which was massively influenced by a music forum called Vinyl Vulture and a club night in London called 'Brillo'. Giovanni explains further, that he re-read a book called 'Love Saves the Day' by Tim Laurance, which documents the very popular club nights in New York at that time such as 'the Loft' The Sanctuary' and 'The Paradise Garage'. Giovanni explaines that those nights, and the book, were a major influences into producing Byker Groove Disco night.

Please feel free to listen to the full interview at RPM Music Store.

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