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Contender Promotions promoter and fighter Garry Bell contacted peep with the hope of filming his Kickboxing event to be scheduled at the MEC Events Arena, Middlesbrough.

Contender Promotions was another extremely competitive Kickboxing tournament with a very high level of organisation from promoter - Garry Bell and the Contender Promotions team.

It should be mentioned that with the exception of DUEL FIGHT SPORTS Promoter David Weild - Garry Bell has worked tirelessly to promote the sport of Kickboxing. Garry, also has a Kickboxing Training Academy in the heart of Stockton and continues to be a great role model not only for the kids in the area, but for people wishing to keep fit, self defend themselves or just to keep fit.

On this particular event, Garry explained that he was not going to hire any commentary for the MEC Contender Promotions event. Initially, I was slightly disappointed in his decision, but having watched it back it adds to the ultimate realism of a professional Kickboxing event. You can hear every punch and hear the impact it has made.

If you interested to learn more, feel free to check out the peep channel and watch every fight.

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