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Duel Fight Sports and Contender Promotions Joint Event with Amir Subasic SuperFight Series

Contender Promotions and DUEL Fight Sports collaboration with Superfight Series

Duel Fight Sports, Contender Promotions and Super Fight Series join forces and create a show in the centre of Newcastle. The event was set and three promoters ( david Weild, Garry Bell and Amur subasic) put their heads together and created a memorable show at the Ne6 Suite in Walker, Newcastle. The kickboxing promoters were David Weild , Garry Bell and Amir Subasic. The show was full of exciting fights with plenty of needle. The fighters were at different stages of the career, which made this such a unique kickboxing event here in Newcastle. peep were asked to film the entire show, along with getting some interviews in while we were at it.

peep managed to track all three promoters down at ringside and ask a few questions about the show and the future. Their was plenty conversations floating around the Millenium Dome in Walker as this seemed a hotspot for up and coming professional combat sports tournaments.

If your interested, check our interview below and find out about the promoters on a mission to advertise the sport of Kickboxing.

peep interview Duel Fight Sports contender Promotions and Superfight Series in Newcastle Kickboxing show

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