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Duel Fight Sports at The Millennium Dome

Duel Fight Sports. The most creative Combat Sports event in North East

The Duel Fight Sports or Dual Grand Prix was actually where it all started for peep. We approached respected local promoter David Weild and basically asked him if we could cover his kickboxing, Boxing and MMA show for £40.00. David snapped our hand off and rest is history. The first show was basically in a mixed martial arts cage with various degrees of skill in regards to each discipline.

We then began to cover every Duel Fight Sports show at the NE6 suite in Walker, Newcastle. We were getting pretty good at it. Fast forward a few years and David Weild asked us if we were interested in becoming a partner with the company. We said YES , naturally.

peep began to re -market all DUEL events by designing posters, creating promotional material and taking professional photography at ringside.

'Escape From Walker' was a defining highlight of the DUEL experience and taking inspiration from John Carpenters 'Escape From New York' and the classic 'Escape From LA'

Another highlight of DUEL was DUEL Grand Prix, which was without a shadow of a doubt the greatest Kickboxing show Newcastle had ever seen, it was un-matched in regards to fighters, commentary and general production. Duel Grand Prix was a very well run Kickboxing Tournament with some of the leading and aspiring professional Kickboxers from around the country. Great times !

If your interested in seeing the Duel Fight Sports show filmed by peep at the Millennium Dome in Walker click this link

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