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Jobes Boxing Promotions Events

Jobes Boxing Promotions produced by peep

Jobes boxing Promotions approached peep to help with marketing their unique grass roots professional boxing promotional company here in Newcastle upon Tyne. We started our promotion at their Gym in Scotswood, Newcastle and began to interview the organisers and owners, we then continued to interview every boxer scheduled to fight on the bill, with the help of top boxing journalist - Phil Lindsay.

The event and weigh-in was scheduled for the Hilton Hotel Gateshead. It has to be mentioned that Jobes Boxing Promotions event was a very ambitious first show in the way of scale, preparations and marketing attractions.

The first thing that caught our attention was the fire eating street performers at the entrance of the Hilton Hotel. This really made a great impression moving forward into the venue, which was a sea of black suites and ties with an immaculately well presented venue room.

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