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RAP TIME under Byker Bridge Hip Hop event in Newcastle

Hip Hop Event RAP TIME Byker Bridge base side

If you want to put on a Guerrilla style show this is exactly how you do it ! one generator, loads of beers, a mixer and a few talented friends who can spit rhymes of many styles !

Hip Hop due and organisers - Rick Fury and Gilly Man Giro asked peep if we were interested in covering this unique event that was happening under Byker Bridge, Newcastle - called 'RAP TIME', which was basically an all day open mic event covering the very best Hip Hop artists in Newcastle and further afield.

The stage was set to include DJ A D S on the decks, Too Common, H-Man, AP3, Kavanan, E Goodlove, Armageddon and loads more.

RAP TIME 'reloaded' was actually are second time there and it did not disappoint. See you at the next one !

Check out both video nasties in full colour below

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