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Summer Rumble Professional Boxing with Phil Jeffries

Summer Rumble Boxing Events with Phil Jeffries

Top Sunderland promoter Phil Jeffries contacted peep to cover the largest professional boxing event in North East England - Summer Rumble Boxing Show at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland. peep and Phil Jeffries go way back to 2013 when we covered our first ever professional boxing event in Newcastle called 'Road to Glory' promoted by boxing promoter Mark Clauzel.

The Summer Rumble was a real chance for peep to market a larger professional boxing show in the way of interviews, Press Conferences, weigh-ins and full coverage of the show including commentary from Phil Lindsay and Andrew Buchannen. We even managed to get some of the boxers involved with commentary and asked Lewis Ritson and Tommy Partrick Ward to help out.

We feel there was an energy to these shows and hope this reflects in our coverage. Please feel free to check our complete Summer Rumble shows on the channel ( Boxing Playlist )

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