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Byker Romeo I Love You Graffiti Tagging Artist returns to Newcastle upon Tyne

Graffiti Tagging Artist I Love U The Byker Romeo talks to peep magazine

peep talk to the The Byker Romeo graffiti tagger in Newcastle upon Tyne. The Byker Romeo hit the headlines of Newcastle Tyne Tees television and The Chronicle newspaper when he manipulated the lettering of 'CARPETS' on Dallas Carpets roof to say - 'I LOVE U. the Byker Romeo also tagged the Spillers wharf and The Cluny bar in Newcastle's Ouseburn area of Newcastle.


This guerrilla marketing project created such an air of mystery that he was named 'The Byker Romeo' as more and more graffiti tags and graffiti writings started to appear all around Newcastle's suburbs.

It was a chance meeting at a convention within the heart of Newcastle upon tyne when peep kind of met 'The Byker Romeo' He was actually with a bunch of friends asking about the event. He never actually spoke at this time, but we spoke about three weeks later, via a mutual friend.

peep decided to interview the Byker Romeo as it had never been done before and we thought he would probably have a lot to say about culture as a broader context.

We found The Byker Romeo to be extremely articulate and very switched on about todays media and the manipulated messages they promote, further explaining "FU** The Media" with their crack head addiction for the story.

Please feel free to watch the complete interview on the peep channel here :

The Byker Romeo talks I love U with peep magazine

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