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Dr Noel Mclaughlin. How Belfast Got The Blues

Dr Noel Mclaughlin talks to peep about How Belfast Got The Blues

Dr Noel McLaughlin is a popular music historian and senior lecturer in the department of arts at Northumbria University. peep magazine discuss his latest book - How Belfast Got the Blues ( Co Author ) Joanna Braniff. We also lift the lid on Noel's music and DJ'ing career both here in Newcastle and Londons Notting Hill.

peep cover : Disagreements with U2 front man " BONO " Playing a private party for Stella McCartney, with guests including Tom Cruise, David Beckham, Johny Depp and Venus Williams in one of the coolest bars in London - 'The Cow'. We also touch on Roger Pomphrey, a talented musician and artist who directed Massive Attacks first short film - ' Just a matter of time' along with Jimi Hendrix ' Electric Ladyland' , Who The Hell is Pete Doherty and Beyond The Groove amongst many other acclaimed projects. Noel McLaughlin sites musicians and artists such as Brian Eno, David Byre and Roger Pomphrey as huge influences throughout his life and career.

If you would like to listen to the full interview at our studios in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne then click the link below and enjoy. Don't forget to subscribe to the platform.

northumbria university lecturer noel mclaughlin talks how belfast got the blues with peep

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