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Gilly Man Giro talks Hip Hop, Addictions and Influences at Grainger Market Newcastle upon Tyne with peep

Gilly Man Giro and Rick Fury talk about Newcastle's fragmented Hip Hop scene

peep magazine catch up with Newcastle based Hip Hop Artist Gilly Man Giro as he talks battling addictions, Hip Hop music and Influences. We are also joined with influential Hip Hop artist Rick Fury as he shares his thoughts on the fragmented Hip Hop scene in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Gilly Man Giro discusses whether the music influences the drugs, or are drugs a main influence for the music. Gilly Man Giro remembers characters like 'Q' played by Omar Epps from the hugely popular hip hop crime drama movie 'Juice' starring Tupak Shakur, as a huge inspiration to becoming a DJ and later writing his own music.

peep magazine also cover a fragmented North East Hip Hop community with a myriad of sub-genres including Grime, Trapp, Drill and New-Metal aspects of the genre. Rick Fury and Gilly Man Giro also believe Hip Hop fraternity is more 'Fickle' that people would actually believe, going on to say getting your product out without giving a F**K is all that really matters.

Kick back and enjoy this journalistic Gem, right in the heart of Newcastle's Grainger Market.

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