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Hip Hop Pioneer Ken Masters reflects on a fragmented music scene in Newcastle upon Tyne

Rapper Ken Masters supports Souls Of Mischief with peep

peep Newcastle catch up with North East Hip Hop pioneer Rapper Ken Masters as he supports Souls Of Mischief at the Cluny pub in Newcastle upon Tyne. peep magazine catch up with a North East Hip Hop pioneer rapper Ken Masters and DJ A.D.S as they support hip hop crew - Souls Of Mischief at The Cluny, Ouseburn, Newcastle upon Tyne.

peep discuss a 'Golden Age' of North East Hip Hop music and culture from Newcastle's Black Swan Arts Centre and the only night dedicated hip hop music 'Fat Sams' venue back in 1995. Ken Master also explains the origins of his name 'KenMasters', which takes inspiration from the fictional 'Street Fighter' character 'Ken Masters'.

Ken, was also the name of his Grandfather and the origins of the name also date back to the Indo-European people known as the 'Celts' Ken Masters. remembers a pre-internet time when crews and groups were forming and you had to make an effort to actually go out and meet each other. Kens 'partner in crime ' - DJ A.D.S was a member of 'The Scruffs' and 'Back To School' was a platform for all breakdancing crews to meet up and dance and complete. We also mention N.C.K and 'Bad Taste Crew' . Ken recalls many 'Beefs' and rivalries within the Hip Hop fraternity here in Newcastle, but explains it was a time and place and feels everyone felt that they were doing things alone, but further explains that everyone takes inspiration through others, but still insists that the scene here in Newcastle is fragmented. peep also mention the term 'Boom Bap' and sites KRS1 as an early innovator of this style of Hip Hop music.

Collecting records and making beats has always been a major part of Ken Master's life and mentions 'Craft Matic Beats' which is a nother musical platform he likes to express himself with. Ken has a deep history of collecting music and cannot 'Pin Down' one particular source of inspiration. It's at this point peep change location of the interview from the main stage of the Cluny due to multiple sound checks for both Ken Masters and Souls Of Mischief. peep begin were we left off and pick it up with another Hip Hop record label - Northentic Records, which is made up from 'Seek The Northerner' and rapper 'Karlo'. peep also find the time to mention early influential cartoons of the day including Battle Of The Planets, Thundercats and the cult classic Ulysses.

As a beat master and MC from Newcastle upon Tyne Ken has developed the term 'Prog Rap' as an inspiration to 'Prog Rock' , which means progressive rock music, which has a forward thinking mentality in the way Ken Masters develops his artistic vision. 'Lockdown Memoirs' Ken believes people don't think he is prolific, but insists he thinks in the moment and sets himself a challenge and develops projects in new ways of engagement throughout the 'Lockdown period' in the UK and the rest of the world. Another project creation was 'Let Us Breath' , which was a conversation platform discussion in response to the killing of George Floyd.

Watch the full interview with hip hop poineer Ken Masters at the Cluny Ouseburn Newcastle

Produced By @peep Cliff Sainsbury Newcastle.

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