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Naked Lunch Synth Music Composer Mick Clarke

Mick Clarke Naked Lunch Synth Musician talks to peep

Former Naked Lunch Electronic Music Composer - Mick Clarke talks to peep magazine about his music career right here in Newcastle upon tyne and then moving to London and joining Naked Lunch after seeing an advert in Melody Maker from Tony Mayo looking for " like minded people ".

Naked Lunch have been described as one of the first Synth and Electronic music bands to come out of the United Kingdom and praised by the likes of music band Depeche Mode and Soft Cell as early innovators of Electronic music.

We cover everything from Spectro Workshops in Newcastle, Melody Maker magazine, Some Bizarre Album Hardware records Rezerection, the Shindig newcastle, The Mayfair Newcastle and Newcastle upon tyne's very own - 'The Tube'

Mick is still producing Electronic Music and you can find out more @ironblumuisc and @weapons_of_desire

Watch the full interview with Naked Lunch Synth musician Mick Clarke from Newcastle upon Tyne

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