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Newcastle Grime Artist H-Man talks being at his lowest point and seeing Demons

peep talk to 'Hendaz' H-Man at Newcastle's Five Swans Pub.

peep catch up with Grime music artist 'H-Man' Hendaz at The Five Swans Pub in Newcastle's city centre. H-Man started his music career within Newcastle's rave scene here in Newcastle upon Tyne. H-Man explains to peep that he felt he had so much more to offer on a lyrical level and began to look to Hip Hop for inspiration. It was at this local Rave at Gateshead's Sage building that he first met local Grime and rave Mc - Just B. H-Man was beginning to realise other genres of music including london Grime music and sites 'Wiley' and 'Skepta' as inspirations to this day.

H-Man ( Hendaz) recently performed at RAP-TIME, which is a local open air hip hop open mic night organised by hip hop artist's Rick Fury and Gilly Man Giro. Rap Time was filmed by peep and welcomes local talent within the genres of Grime, Hip hop and rave. It was at this event peep became familiar with H-Man, performing grime song - 'All For the Toon' which was a self reflective social comment based around the city council's regeneration initiative, ironically called - 'The Rise' within the entire Scotswood area of Newcastle.

The Rise was an ambitious council project that saw hundreds of houses along with schools and libraries torn down and demolished to make way for new, next generation housing projects. It was at this moment myself and H-man realised we both grew up on the same street of Whitehouse Road in Scotswood. Our conversation then developed into the class system that seems to grip this city and suggest that, could it be the middle class that decides where the working class reside.

H-Man also mentions his time at Newcastle College of Art, explaining that a tutor singled him out for being 'working class' and suggesting further, that H-Man will have to work harder to achieve his goals within this educational system.

H-Man Hendaz, also shares his thoughts and fears to a time he was soul searching for some kind of guidance or sign. It was at this point the grime artist witnessed a Goat, which can be seen as representing an evil spirit or bad omen.

Please check out the full interview peep talk to Grime Artist H-Man Hendaz in Newcastle upon Tyne.

If your interested in seeing H-Man in action and want to hear 'All For The Toon' please check the links below.

H-MAN performs at RAP TIME hosted by Gilly Man giro and Rick Fury under Byker Bridge

H-Man and NATONORTHEAST perform at Rap Time under Byker Bridge

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