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peep Street Art and Stencil Art Exhibition with Newcastle Graffiti Artists Cack Handed Kid and The Writings On The Wall Dot Art

There Is Beauty In Decay pop up street art Warehouse Exhibition show Newcastle upon Tyne

There Is Beauty In Decay art exhibition in association with Nowt Special in Newcastle upon Tyne. You would be forgiven for completely missing this street art exhibition situated in the middle of Lime Street, Ouseburn Valley. The fact that most of these stencil art exhibitions are intentionally poorly advertised, but even if you walked past the front door, there was still a good chance you would completely miss the pop up warehouse showcasing some of the latest emerging tagging artists, graffiti artist and poetry creators Newcastle has to offer.

The artists in attendance were Cack Handed Kid, The Writings On The Wall dot art, Van Goth and Third Bloom,. All visual artists have a specialism in either video montage, stencil art, throw-ups, pointillism and graphic art and of course graffiti bombing. In my humble opinion, this is how visual street art street should be presented for the public and in public venues.

The venue was perfectly assembled and it didn't take a genius to work out that this event had been professionally assembled with light trusses, PA system playing ambient music, hand crafted installations and light design that lit the entire area with a focus on each and every piece of art on show. There were also two video boxes displaying video installations by Third Bloom, which showcased, what looked like a northern city train journey through an industrial northern town in the 1950's or 1960's.

peep took the opportunity to chat with Cack Handed Kid and the Writings on the wall dot art, both artists explained there processes and motivations for expressing themselves on walls in and around the city of Newcastle. 

If you would like to hear more about the artists and their work please follow the link below.

peep magazine talk to Street artist and tagging artists Cack handed Kid and The Writings on the wall dot art at there is Beauty in decay pop up art exhibition

If you would prefer to listen to the entire interviews , no problem just check out our peep podcast website below

peep podcast talk to cack handed kid newcastle and the writings on the wall dot art

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