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Searching For The YETI Graffiti Artist Newcastle Underground

Do Yeti's Exist. peep search for Graffiti Artist in Underground Subways

peep magazine searched for the Yeti Graffiti Artist in Newcastle's haunted subway undergrounds under Newcastle's Scotswood Bridge on the banks of the river tyne. The peep search began exploring the tunnels and subways of the Scotswood area around 11.30pm.

There was to be no guarantee he would be there, but we put the word out that we were very interested in chatting more with him about his graffiti artwork, creative mindset and his motivations to call himself 'The Yeti' Graffiti Writer or Artist

Having spent a few hours down there and exploring the Graffiti work, I began to sense I was not alone.... I heard a woman's scream from the darkness and distant voices with mobile phone alerts going off from time to time. I should mention at this point that Scotswood's subways are an exceptionally 'Sketchy' place to be in the day time, never mind at midnight, and not the kind of place you wish to be wandering round on your own - but this is exactly what I was doing ! I began to make a move into a better lit area, and it was at this point, ' The Yeti ' broke his cover and walked up behind me. . .

'The Yeti' explained that people have been watching my every move since I got there . . .

The Yeti took us further underground . . .

I found 'The Yeti' to be very articulate and engaging about his work, art influences and humble beginnings, describing a book about Peregrine falcons helped his passion for drawing, learning how to colour and shade areas of illustrations. He also mentioned the cult movie 'The Warriors' as a major influence for picking a can of spray and painting on a wall in the heart of west end of Newcastle.

please feel free to check out the complete interview here

Searching for the yeti graffiti artist in newcastle's underground subways

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