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The Hard Felt Nowt The Tube newcastle with Wavis O Shave

We interviewed 'The Hard' and we Felt Nowt with Wavis O Shave

It's not every day you get a chance to interview a North East FELT NOWT ICON. Wavis O' Shave gives peep magazine an exclusive interview with " THE HARD " for his last EVER interview.

Wavis O Shave broke into the comedy scene by creating his own space on the very popular Channel 4 Tyne Tees Television show - 'The Tube, which was filmed within the Tyne Tees Television Studios here in Newcastle.

Wavis o Shave's most popular character was 'The Hard' that was taken from an infamous character from South Sheilds ( ellegedly )

Wavis O Shave also lifts the lid on stories and his ideas behind the fascinating characters. We also cover The Tube, Debbie Harry, Kenny Everett, Jools Holland and Paula Yates with loads more to cover.

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The tube television programme the hard felt nowt talks to peep with wavis o shave

If you would like to read more about Wavis O Shave and his comedy characters including the hard felt nowt please check his wikipedia here

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