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World Headquarters Club Newcastle Tommy Caulker

World Headquarters Club Newcastle FULL tour of the club including all artwork

peep interview Tom Caulker from Newcastle. World Headquarters nightclub situated in the heart of Newcastle opened it's doors to peep for an all access tour and interview with it's owner - Tommy Caulker. We reached out to tom, as we thought the club and it's artwork needed to be documented. Tommy, talked us through the history of world Headquarters and the many murals including Charles Darwin, Curtis Mayfield, Donna Summer, Le Freak, Frank Zappa, Richard Attenburgh and many more. Word Headquarters pride itself on being a free thinking all inclusive club in Newcastle and has championed this from day one.

Part 1. peep decided to split the interview into two separate parts, which includes an extended interview with Tom on how World Headquarters was invented, furthermore, we include Tom Caulkers determination to succeed despite facing racial tension and racism growing up in Gateshead, Newcastle.

Part 2. peep profile a full tour of world Headquarters club on both floors, stopping on each painting as Tom talks us through the artists and the history of the paintings, bands and icons.

Please feel free to check out both parts below and let us know your thoughts.

Part one World Headquarters Club Newcastle owner Tommy Caulker interview

Part two World Headquarters cultural Tour of both Floors

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