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peep-magazine have won Magazine Of The Year North England and Newcastle's Best Small Business People's Choice, Cultural Creative Awards. We hope to continue winning awards and develop our unique independent digital publication. peep magazine began it’s early life as an on-line digital magazine focusing on Graphic Art, Photography, observational journalism and Social commentary. peep have now developed into multi-channel cross media platform capturing Newcastle's under-represented sub-culture and specialising in investigative journalism, event promotion and Guerilla marketing.

Our love for magazines and 'Do It Yourself' zines started way back in 1999 with an initial print run of 100 Graphic Novels called Freak-Daddy, which we sold around our city of Newcastle upon Tyne. All zines carefully illustrated, hand-drawn, painted and then printed for distribution. Read More here. A few years later, and having sold thousands of independent self published zines, we enrolled into Northumbria university, graduated with a 1st class Honours degree, won an award and then travelled the world. We laughed, we cried - we s**t our pants. We returned to Newcastle upon Tyne and decided to create another self publishing magazine, but this time something different ! 

peep magazine was born. . . 
Over the years, our love for sports photography was realised and we began to photograph professional combat sports tournaments here in Newcastle upon Tyne and around the country. We covered everything from Boxing, Kickboxing, Bare Knuckle Boxing, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts. Our unique perspective on this sport was recognised by Playboy Magazine, Incase, Issuu , FITETV, Matchroom, Boxnation, Starpro Sports, Spennymoor Sports and more recently, Sticker-it. 
Before everyone copied our every move and model, peep covered entire sports events with journalism, photography and video work. We are very proud to say we covered every professional and non-professional combat sports show in the North East of England from 2014 - 2017. We documented the
lot ! If you don't believe us . . .check out our magazine and peep Youtube Channel or our
Combat Sports Photography archive. Peep are now returning to their roots, in the way of covering photographers, artists and unusual journalistic opportunities from around the city of Newcastle. We are also very pleased to have helping us promote our great publication.

Our latest peep magazine edition is now on sale and titled 'LOST', which is a special edition digital publication. The magazine can be purchased via and then available to download. peep also offer a printed option for all peep issues, which can be viewed on the issuu platform.
Are you a creative ? Are you a writer ? peep magazine are always on the look out for intelligent and thought provoking work. Get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you. 



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