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Playboy Magazine contacts peep to photograph James Gypsy Boy McCrory and Dave The Beast Radford

Playboy magazine contacted peep to document one of the the most anticipated Bare Knuckle fights in the United Kingdom. The event was to be held at Nottingham's Colwick Hall against two veterans of the bare knuckle boxing world - James Gypsy Boy McCrory and Dave The Beast Radford. I met the editor 'Alex' at Bradford train station and then our search took us to all over Nottingham, which included bars, houses in the middle of nowhere and boxing gyms and then back to bars again, but we eventually found both contenders. The show was to be billed as 'Rumble In The Forest' and my mission was to gain full access to both fighters, whilst taking a few documentary shots for the magazine and photograph the entire event at Colwick Hall, Nottingham, England

I had a great time meeting both guys, whilst taking another opportunity to chat to Britains underworld at the venue. I won't mention who i spoke with, but you will probably recognise their faces in the pictures below.

My initial idea for the photographs was to capture the classic 'Wanted' posters of the Wild West - two gunslingers on a pre ordained fate to meet each other in a final duel ! Both James McCrory and Dave Radford loved the idea and were more than happy to execute this for Playboy Magazine

I must take this opportunity to not only thank playboy magazine for contacting me, but to thank both fighters and the company - BBAD Promotions ( later changed to BKB TM ). My photographs were used and published in the latest Playboy Magazine world wide distribution. I managed to secure seven pages of Blood and Snots Not bad eh ?

Another opportunity arose to film and document the Andy Topliffe 'Filed Rage' Bare Knuckle event, now called (BKB Pitfight) which was scheduled in Kettering, North England. This documentation gained world wide attention with our Bare Knuckle Boxing Field Rage Video reaching over 1 million views to date.

I have since interviewed James McCrory at the Jobes Boxing Gym in Scotswood. If your interested, check our interview with James McCrory - The Devil Took My Soul with Cocaine and Alcohol

Please take the opportunity to browse through some of the shots, and if your really interested please look on my personal Flickr page James Gypsy Boy McCrory and Dave The Beast Radford photography by peep magazine.

Full Bare Knuckle Photography archive by peep magazine Cliff Sainsbury with Playboy Magazine

Full Field Rage Bare Knuckle Photography by peep magazine Cliff Sainsbury


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