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Action Sports Boxing Photography including Portrait and Documentary

Professional Boxing photography for events and promotional marketing

The image above is Lewis Ritson holding his Londsdale Belt. Lewis, had recently won the belt in Manchester and brought it home to Forest Hall Boxing Club. The night before, we all chilled at a local Snooker club near the hotel. I travelled back with Lewis and his family the next day.

We started our boxing Photography journey way in 2013, as we all loved the sport of Boxing so much we thought we would try and reach out to local promoters in the hope they would need a boxing photographer (s) as there didn't seem to be many about - in fact, there didn't seem to be anyone around documenting the fighters or the events. . . . Fast forward a couple of years and we would be documenting everything, and I mean everything ! fighters, gyms, events, training sessions, documentaries and full show events with live commentary. We really made a go of it. A lot has passed since our days of travelling from boxing gym to MMA gym and then to a Kickboxing Gym, but I guess times move on, and artistic visions keep moving forward to new and unexplored platforms, actually, we recently documented another Jobes Boxing promotions event, so never say never !

There are too many shows and photography to personally document on, so I have enclosed the full Combat Sports Photography archive. Please feel free to check the collection on the peep® Flickr Page

Professional boxing photography archive by peep magazine Cliff Sainsbury


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