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Tanko Muay Thai League contacts peep to photograph their show in Manchester

TANKO Muay Thai League contacted peep in the hope of travelling to Victoria Warehouse in Manchester to photograph their first ever Muay Thai League show live at the Manchester. The actual event was very well organised and we were welcomed with open arms at the the entrance. There was definatley something special about this particular event and they seem to have a real determination to produce great shows with good competitive matchmaking.

Myself and Garry Bivens spent the whole day photographing this unique event. If your interested in the photography for this particular show, check out my full photography archive of the event below.

Tanko Muay Thai Kickboxing Phototography

peep have covered many other Kickboxing shows around the country. As there are too many to show here, we have compiled a gallery within our peep® Flickr account, which can be see below.

peep Professional Kickboxing photography


Project Gallery

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