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Mixed Martial Arts Event Photography

peep cover MMA Action Sports Photography right from cage-side

peep have covered many Mixed Martial Arts shows in Newcastle and Made 4 The Cage was probably the most influential and dominant production event around at that time. The level of organisation going into making these shows were second to none, and it was a real pleasure to be part of.

I felt the Made 4 The Cage company was steady building momentum and becoming a real driving force within North England, and then suddenly seemed to cease promoting. Whatever their reason, we look forward to seeing their return.

You can also see our full event Photography on our peep® Flickr account below

Made 4 The Cage 'Throwdown' Photography by peep magazine

Made 4The Cage 'Legacy Show' Photography by peep magazine

Made 4 The Cage 'Meltodown' Event Photography by peep magazine

peep had an opportunity to chat to owner Dale Percival. Made 4 The cage owner Dale Percival talks to peep magazine Feel free to check our interviews with Made 4 The Gage ( M4TC ) on our peep channel.



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