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Photojournalism with peep magazine

Documentary Photography and Photojournalism with peep magazine

peep have worked in many photography settings, including product photography, sports photography, food and drink photography and of course documentary style photography. I have also worked many photography jobs and commissions. I never started my photography journey on Instagram and played around with filters trying to get the best possible shot or angle. F*!K that.

Then again, I'm not a 'Photography Snob' or 'Media Snob' hanging round camera stores wearing North Face jackets talking about ISO settings..... We all know you bang the camera on 'Auto' and call yourself a professional !

Photography should be fun and you should be experimenting every time you point the thing in that direction. This is the only way you will get better at what your doing. I'm still learning new things and still make mistakes as the photography landscape is constantly changing in regards to what is current and what is traditional etc.

Please feel free to check out some of the work i have produced over the years. Some good , some bad. You decide !

Photography work by peep


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