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Viper Helmets Product Photography and Marketing

Viper Helmets. peep Content Marketing for product catalogue and e commerce site

peep have extensively worked with Viper Helmets in the way of photographing, promoting and marketing there entire motorcycle helmet collection and motorcycle accessory textiles. peep wanted to photograph and promote every helmet as Viper Helmets explained they wanted professional photography and marketing ideas for their motorcycle helmets, product catalogue, e commerce sites and main website.

peep began to explore the Viper Helmets warehouse and realised not all helmets were actually on sale or available to purchase. A selection of 'top selling' helmets had taken the spotlight, customers had completely missed some rare older helmets models. peep encouraged customers to look further into the website. peep also began to create narratives around some of the main helmets and began to incorporate this within the Viper Helmets website. The Viper Helmets customers really got behind this marketing campaigne, seeing a huge shift in their social media over the next coming months.

peep have also spent many hours marketing Viper Helmets. We sat down with the owner of Viper and discussed many marketing opportunities , both online and off-line to spotlight their motorcycle business.

peep have also created many marketing campaignes and ideas for Viper Helmets. Please see our Marketing section on our home page.


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