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Updated: Jan 2, 2021

NORTH EAST based DJ BuZZila says TRANCE is the only music that gives you a natural high. Newcastle city centre Buzzila talks about his journey into Trance Music #trance #buzzila #newcastle

Buzzila started writing music at the age of seventeen and then started producing three years later. Buzzila talks DubStep as an early influence, but then discovered 'Rush Hour' by Armin Van Buuren as a defining musical influence and continued on his trance music journey.

#buzzila #peepmagazine #peep

peep magazine interview BuZZila in their new studios bang in the middle of Newcastle's city centre.

We were fortunate enough to have BuZZila as our first of many guests. We also talk

Robert Miles, Paul Van Dyk and a personal favourite of ours - Chicane ' Saltwater'

Produced and Presented By Cliff Sainsbury

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