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FreakDaddy Flyers / Posters

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Before going to College or University, I always had a passion for Communication and Marketing. This was my first real attempt at Guerrilla Marketing and Self Publishing ! All this this, before Social Media ! I tried my best to capture the gritty feel of the comic with designing these flyers below. You can see from one of the flyers how many pubs I had acquired. It was building real pace and I was loving every minute of it ! There was some confusion at first with local club night promoters pulling my advertising down around the city , but once I explained this was promoting a Graphic Novel, it all got sorted !

An original Freak Daddy Flyer exclusive to the Trent House Newcastle designed by Cliff Saisnbury
Freak Daddy Flyer designed By Cliff Sainsbury

Original Freak Daddy Flyer for local pubs around Newcastle. Designed by Cliff Sainsbury
Freak Daddy flyer designed by Cliff Sainsbury

Original Freak Daddy Poster Guerrilla Marketing by Cliff sainsbury
Freak Daddy Poster by Cliff sainsbury

Original Freak Daddy Flyer with car. Exclusive to the Trent House Newcastle
Freak Daddy flyer by Cliff Sainsbury

Original Freak Daddy Face Flyer Guerrilla Marketing early days.
Freak Daddy face Flyer. by Cliff Sainsbury

Original freak Daddy Flyer Guerrilla Markeing early stages Cliff sainsbury
Freak Daddy Face Flyer by Cliff Sainsbury

Above are all original Flyers. Hand painted for printing. Guerrilla Marketing early concepts.

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