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Updated: May 31

Cliff Sainsbury picked up another award for his continued creative work here in Newcastle upon Tyne. Hollywood film director - Mike Figgis presented Cliff with the Mike Figgis Prize for Innovation. Mike went on to say : "I was looking for a film that really connected with me on many different levels" and furthermore explained

"The Whitehouse Road film really engaged me from the opening sequences"

Whitehouse Road was Cliff Sainsbury's final year film at Northumbria University, studying Media and Communications. Northumbria University senior lecturer and course leader - Robert Jefferson went on to say : " This was a very good character study from Cliff Sainsbury"

Cliff graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Media and Communications and has went on to work with some amazing clients. Cliff is now Marketing Coordinator for the maritime leader - Solarglide and continues to create innovative work.

Whitehouse road is a short, personal, character study of a black man's struggle on arriving in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1944. Cliff Sainsbury ( Senior) stated he was the first black person ever to set foot in the North East and went on to say he could not believe the conditions that he witnessed. Cliff Sainsbury ( Junior) developed the film around loose narratives and remembering lost footage of his Grandfathers experiences and thoughts.

Watch Whitehouse Road Film - https://youtu.be/Yd9Kvve4YeY

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