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Jobes Boxing Gym Boxing Promotions

Updated: May 8, 2022

Great opportunity to cover Jobes Boxing Promotions official Press Conference at Newcastle, Scotswood, for their Professional Boxing event held at Hilton Hotel, Gateshead.

Jobes Gym reached out to peep to help promote their unique, and first professional boxing event. We started our promotions with six interviews initial interviews with the fighters making their debuts, which are Ray Simpson, Andy Simpson, Enrico Samba, Sam Wallace, Vick Cicka and Nathan Cummiskey.

Phil lindsey made a long awaited return to the peep channel and got straight to business, no warm up or nothing !

Our next visit was to cover Jobes Boxing Official Press conference, which gave Matt Jobes ( Director ) an opportunity to explain some of his ideas going forward. We also managed to squeeze a couple of interviews with two other directors and a very special bit of journalism with the very popular boxer and bare knuckle fighter - James 'Gypsy Boy' McCrory.


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