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peep®magazine. Fully Printed. Fully independent

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

It's been a loooong journey to finally get peep magazine published. Our original idea was to have issue one printed, but we shelved that idea, due to growing costs and unreliable business owners AKA - (To**ers). We very quickly came to the realisation that - if you want anything done properly, you have to do it yourself.

Yes, that's right. Do it yourself and forget about the 'time wasters' who end up making you frustrated and tired.

We would like this opportunity thank Photographer - Gwen Brinton. Gwen has been with peep® right from the start and constantly contributed her photography and literature, under this ever changing landscape called 'Media'

We would also like to thank for reaching out to peep® and providing a great platform to showcase our work. peep® are still interested in serious business owners looking to advertise within our unique publication, both online and print. If your rubbing your chin and checking your bank balance. . . let's talk ! thanks peep®

peep magazine Localism Issue 19. Online version ** ON SALE NOW **

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