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Freakdaddy getting noticed !

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

As I was developing my style, I began to get some real recognition around the North East and further afield. Newcastle's Chronicle contacted me to write a feature on my self publishing graphic novel adventures. I also got an opportunity to set up my own Exhibition in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne - Black Swan Arts Centre.

A Budding Artist Drawn to work of dark humour.

Who knows where all this was going to lead. . . I was having a great time illustrating and making a bit of money on the side. I was now selling Freakdaddy in most major 'Alternative' pubs around the city of Newcastle. So if you were around those pubs around 1999 - 2002 you may of seen one or two.

Bishi Bashi

contacted me pretty early on and asked if I was interested in showcasing my work, alongside theirs. I thought it was a great idea.

Above is a selection of Bishi Bashi Flyers that were distributed around the North East. Well done Andy ! Wonder what he's doing now.

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