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Cliff sainsbury starts his Guerrilla marketing journey with a Graphic Novel - Freakdaddy

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

As I was developing my style, I began to get some real recognition around the North East and further afield. Newcastle's Chronicle contacted me to write a feature on my self publishing Graphic Novel adventures. I also got an opportunity to set up my own Exhibition in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne - Black Swan Arts Centre.

Cliff Sainsbury starts his Guerrilla marketing journey Graphic Novel exhibition.
Freakdaddy Graphic Novel exhibition stand at Newcastle's Black Swan Arts Centre

Freak Daddy was my first journey into Marketing and Self Publsihing.
Graphic Novel Freak Daddy Exhibition display designed by Cliff Sainsbury

Cliff Sainsbury showcases in the chronicle Newcastle with a dark graphic novel.

Cliff Sainsbury starts his marketing journey featured in the Chronicle Newcastle Freak Daddy Graphic Novel
Cliff Sainsbury launches his own Graphic Novel

A Budding Artist Drawn to work of dark humour.

As long as I can remember, Ive always wanted to create my own comic. I was influenced by the early style of 2000AD and wanted to re-create something like that myself. I was working full-time in a clothes store called Ath-Leisure. After my shift I would return home to illustrate for most of the night. Some nights I would forget to go to bed and have to call in sick the next day complaining I wassn't feeling great...but in reality, I had not slept for days (only done this twice) Who knows where all this was going to lead. . . I was having a great time illustrating and making a bit of money on the side. I was now selling Freakdaddy in most major 'Alternative' pubs around the city of Newcastle. So, if you were around those pubs around 1999 - 2002 you may of seen one or two.

Bishi Bashi Comic Exhibition

Bishi Bashi contacted me pretty early on and asked if I was interested in showcasing my work, alongside theirs, at the Black Swan Arts Centre. This was situated at the bottom of Westgate Road. I thought it was a great idea.

Bishi Bashi Comic Exhibition Fyler at Black Swan Arts centre Newcastle Cliff sainsbury
Early Bishi Bashi Black Swan Newcastle Comic Exhibition Flyer

Small Press comic Flyer for Newcastle Arts Centre Bishi Bashi
Bishi Bashi arts Centre with Cliff Sainsbury

Bishi Bashi Returns to Black Swan Art Centre with Cliff Sainsbury
The return of Bishi Bashi Comic Exhibition

The final Bishi Bashi Comic art Flyer with four Freak Daddy Comics on Sale. Artist Cliff Sainsbury
Bishi Bashi featuring four Freakdaddy Comics

Above, is a selection of Bishi Bashi Flyers that were distributed around the North East. Well done Andy ! Wonder what he's doing now.

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