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Updated: Feb 2

CHECK OUT WHAT peep had to say about award here https://youtu.be/yCtO2lwyl3c

Great news for peep magazine, we have won magazine of the year award for the North of England ! The award, is the Prestige Awards 2020 and will be officially presented in Aug this year. Peep magazine have not only been recognised for their contributions to Combat Sports, but their achievements in Photography, Journalism and creativity within the north of England. We have been working so hard building the channel, live show and magazine over these uncertain times, that it has proved to be the catalyst in the final decision making.

The Prestige Award judges were impressed with our personal nature, consistency of reviews and overall attentiveness of the brand. They went on to say that peep magazine beat hundreds of applications, as the North of England Prestige Awards proved exceptionally popular this year.

Peep have some great ideas going forward and have many exclusive interviews coming your way. We are still developing our peep LIVE show and will continue to push our brands unique style of journalism and creativity. We hope you will subscribe to our channel and help us promote talent within the north of England and beyond. Thanks, Cliff Sainsbury.

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