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Acid Apparel Cultured Clobber T-Shirts

peep design Acid Apparel Cultured Clobber landing page. T- Shirts for Ravers

Acid Apparel contacted peep with an idea to re create the nostalgic days of acid house dance music sensation that swept the united kingdom and Europe in the mid 90s. Acid Apparel clothing wanted a short introduction for their website that would grab the viewers attention. peep talked with owners of the Acid Apparel brand about various ideas including classic video games including 'Pacman' and 'Pong', which would match the Cultured Clobber Acid apparel logo , which was a homage to the 'smiley face' logo that was incorporated within their logo and branding.

peep also wanted to capture the art direction of "We Call It Acieed" by British musician D Mob. Another idea was to incorporate the icon patterns, shapes and imagery that belonged to the acid house movement and music video genre of that time. peep also created a zip animation that would present the world of acid house and give the viewer an idea of the genre of clothing that Acid Apparel cultured clobber represented.

peep wanted to grab peoples attention , so created a landing page for Acid apparel website that would only last around 30 seconds. Acid Apparel were pleased with the result and placed it on their homepage of website and all social media posts for timeless advertising.





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