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Lewis Ritson 'Blood Boys' Documentary by peep magazine

Lewis Ritson 'Blood Boys' Three part documentary to British title Challenge

Forest Hall Boxing contacted peep to promote their rising boxing boxing star - Lewis Ritson. Lewis, was on his journey to fight for the British Championship belt ( the Londsdale Belt ) which is deemed one of the most prestiguis belts in British Boxing. peep began to document Lewis Ritson sparring, training, which led to many short interviews on how his preparation was going. We also began a three part documentary called 'Blood Boys' which consisted of a live training spar over 12 competitive rounds with a fellow professional boxer - Sam O' Maison. The documentary was split up with snippets of journalism and conversation about lewis and other boxers within the scene of boxing.

Appearances are from Boxing trainer - Ray and Lewis Ritson's father - Dave Ritson. The 'Blood Boys' documentary was met with great reviews and still one of our

Check out Lewis Ritson's Blood Boys documentary

Lewis Ritson Documentary part 1

Lewis Ritson Documentary part 2

Lewis Ritson Documentary part 3





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