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peep go Medieval Boxing with Starpro Sports M33 Training Gloves and M33 Training Pad Reviews

Starpro Sports Training Gear Full Review M33 Boxing Gloves and M33 Training Pads inspection

Starpro sports reached out to peep in the hope of reviewing and unboxing some of their latest combat sports editions, including the G33 Mixed Martial Arts Gloves, T20 Coaching pads/Mitts, T20 V Boxing Gloves, M33 Boxing Gloves, head Gear, Training pads and hand wraps. peep love this kind of challenge and full review request. peep decided to split the reviews into a standard unboxing within the peep studio and the other, within Newcastle's oldest Medieval Castle Keep ( Black Gate)

We began our reviews and media coverage with Medieval Boxing training at Newcastle's Castle Keep with Starpro Sports. Featuring Starpro M33 Training Boxing Gloves and the M33 Focus Mitts. peep, world champion Kick Boxer -James Watling and respected boxing training 'Baz' Jones talk through all the features and benefits of both Starpro Sports M33 Gloves and M33 Training Pads, whilst taking a 360 degree view of Newcastle upon Tyne. peep decided to go for all full training session at the very tip of the castle. Newcastle Cast Keep were very welcoming in letting us use the entire space for a couple of hours before they officially opened.

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Starpro Sports full review medieval boxing training review with M33 Boxing and M33 training mitts and Pads

Starpro Sports unboxing T 20 V Tech Training Gear

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