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Solarglide Marine Window Solutions contact peep Newcastle

International marine window specialists - Solarglide Limited contact peep for all Social Media platforms.

Marine specilaists Solarglide Limited contacted peep in the hope they could create interesting marketing concepts for their all their social media platforms. Solarglide had previously tried a couple of local marketing agencies in the hope they could create maritime related content, but unfortunately, the agencies could not device any kind of strategy going forward.

peep discussed marketing ideas with managing director - Paul Pringle and quickly realised the Solarglide company had a passion for all things marine. peep began to creat maritime history concepts that were directly related to the sea. peep also began to create photogrpahy concepts for all printed magazine material, along with website product photography.

peep began researching interesting stories and legends that were all based in or around sea. The stories were loosly based on - who was Captian Morgan? Did Captain Cook have Tattoos? What really happed to the Mary Celeste ? Is there really any pirate treasure?

Working with Solarglide was kind of fortuitous, as peep have a huge interest in maritme history also. We all agreed that this could be an interesting marketing strategy for the Solarglide socila media pages.

peep are also aware that the solarglide company needed strong photography and video marketing concepts of all their marine blind solutions ranging from solar blinds, blackout blinds, dimout blinds, dual 24 blinds and many other fabrics and solar film extensions on their products.





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