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Solarglide Maritime blind and window solutions logos by peep

Solarglide. The leading maritime blind and window solutions marketing for website and social media

Solarglide Limited are a new forward thinking maritime company who are not afraid to try new concepts, but embrace artistic vision as a concept. Solarglide's managing director Paul Pringle reached out to peep in the hope of creating a series of videos / social media content to raise awareness of their Type Approved Solar Screen blinds.

peep delivered a series of 'Factory Settings' and 'Product Deep Dive' demonstration videos on not only how the blinds are made, but what are the benefits to each bespoke blind. The videos basically showcased the craftsmanship and technology that has went into making their bespoke maritime blinds for Cruise Liners, Shipping Vessels and Luxury Yachts.

peep will be continue to work with solarglide and have already produced more concepts and designs for their social media, blog and website.

Want to find out more about Solarglide ? Check their website right here





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