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The People's Theatre Set-Design and Complete Vision by peep magazine

A Clockwork Orange set design completely re-imagined by peep®

The People's Theatre Newcastle approached peep with the hope of designing their upcoming show - A Clockwork Orange. As we are huge fans of Stanley kubrick, we thought this was a must for our portfolio and a chance to pick our paint brushes up again, and remember what it was like to paint on a wall or finish a Mural art piece.

The North East independent theatre gave us complete artistic freedom to create what we wanted. Our first idea was to re-create the 70s brutalist concrete structure that seemed to play a huge part in the mise en scene of the Kubrick classic cult movie. We made several designs of the 'Karova Mile Bar' and tried to condense as many parts of the original film as possible within a tight confide space of the theatre.

We went into detail regarding the texture of the concrete and researched many days on how to re create this within cardboard and wood material. We gave advice on lighting and external materials that would help in the overall design of this bespoke theatre set.

peep also wanted to photograph the play as it was happening and photographed the many scenes of the 'Alex' rehabilition tests scenes that he was subjected too, and also, the leadership skills that 'Alex' would implement on the 'Droogs' gang of Clockwork Orange. Feel free to check out some of the photography by peep below and if your really interested you can check our peep® Flickr page

A Clockwork Orange Design theatre production by peep magazine





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