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Viper Helmets marketing strategies by peep

Viper Helmets Marketing Strategies and Story Creation.

Viper Helmets contacted peep for a complete re-brand and marketing strategy to accompany their website, Viper Rider Catalogue and Visual Language. peep devised the Strap-line - 'Once Bitten' which would be a running theme throughout their website and product catalogue.

peep developed mega narratives to accompany each and every helmet from Viper Helmets. Nocturnal Nightmares, Time Cop, Drop The Corporate Dream, Welcome To the Terraform and many more were included within the Viper marketing strategy. peep created separate narratives that were invented for each Viper helmet, including the Carbon F656 Vintage Helmet, NAME OF HELMETS. Viper Helmets were very keen to develop more stories for their individual styled helmets.

We continued our journey with Viper Helmets by developing their online helmet photography portfolio. We felt Viper needed a strong visual language to apply to their website. We then began to visualise narratives to accompany the helmets, whilst making the stories connected in some way.

We also began to realise Viper Helmets did not have product videos, product demonstration videos their flagship products, including the Viper Bluetooth Helmet.

Below are short examples of our Mega - Narratives for Viper Helmets.

'Time Cop'

Time was our first story creation that centred around 'Time Cop' that time travelled through time to apprehend the guilty. the Viper F656 helmet was designed with a future/retro look and design and we felt that we could develop this. The Viper story was inspired by the 2000AD Comic stories of 'Strontium Dog' who time travelled through space and time on his 'Bounty Hunter' episodes.

Wandering through a subterranean passage of dreams Viper F656 must preserve the past for the future to exist. This story was to develop through a series of illustration that we created. The illustrations showed a person wearing the Viper F656

'Drop The Corporate Illusion'

peep travelled to Portugal and began a series of photographs and mega narratives to re-brand the Viper Helmets language and tone. We devised - 'Drop The Corporate Illusion', which was inspired from the book - 'They Thirst' We felt the Viper branding was leaning towards a Vampire theme and we did have a love for the horror genre..

This story was created for the Trooper RS07 Helmet - Ride with the immortals on a thrill seeking adventure into the 'Other Worlds'. High above the city of angels a deadly contest begins. The very forces of nature are called into play, isolating the city from the rest of the world and leaving it at the mercy of the vultures of the night.

peep also developed a video montage for this particular helmet. It was a mix of 'Mad Max' meets 'Bladerunner' The video was met with great reviews, creating a huge spike in sales and boosting their social media platforms.

'Welcome To The Terraform'

This particular story was developed for the Viper RS202 Reverse Flip Helmet.

Whether your 'Planetary Engineering' or just exploring forgotten planets - we have the perfect helmet for your journey. We felt the RS202 was a very dynamic and versatile helmet we need to showcase all the advantages of this particular product.


As much as we loved the narratives , we did develop more traditional forms of marketing. peep developed an insight into the exclusive range of Viper VPR.303 Jeans. We split the jeans into two separate areas of impact. High Impact Jean Protection with Kevlar Stitching and re-enforced protection within the hip and knee sections. all images were photographed and designed for their latest product catalogue.





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