Social Media SERVICES

Video Production / Editing 

We pride ourselves on being spontaneous and pushing our unscripted content to the masses. The majority of our videos and documentaries are never scripted or rehearsed - not even with the people in them. We believe, there is a raw quality to our work that is very difficult to replicate. Saying all this, we are still very professional in our approach, and find that with some opportunities, require a more methodical style. We have all come from a background of storyboarding and animatics, so if you suggest a more tailored approach, then that is absolutely no problem. Everything we do here at peep is 'In - House' so that means, we conceptualise the idea and production right through to final execution. It's a tailored service , but not a tape measure in sight !


Our photography services range from anything to sport, product, lifestyle, Artichectural and documentary photography. We are not afraid to get the right shot for your magazine, website or event. We have worked with some amazing clients and have also worked in many companies as professional photographers, we kind of know our way round Canon cameras. We also edit, and colour correct all of our work , making this a perfect commission for your budget. 

Branding / Logo Design / Concept

peep have worked behind the scenes building many companies over the years. Whether it was a logo design, UI design for their website or basically a complete re- brand and language. Many companies that approach us, have either lost their passion for the brand or they have lost their original message. Fear NOT ! you have come to the right place. We love this kind of challenge, so get in touch and start feeling great about your company again !

LIVE Streaming /

peep LIVE is our new streaming concept. We can multi-cam your show or event as it happens absolutely live, to whatever platform you wish. We can also record your live event  as a back-up and edit it to your specifications at a later date. We use the latest live streaming technology and most occasions, don't even need to be hard-wired to your ethernet. Now that's magic. Right? If you have an event you want live streamed please contact peep.Ltd




As you can probably work out, peep have a large toolkit for many different projects. We are creatives, so that means our artistic visions are endless, which means great news for you, right?  This is a fantastic time for companies like you, wishing to expand their social media platforms and reach more customers within your budget. Contact peep to discuss new ideas for 2020.



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